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Our Story

Judy with Nadia aged three

First Impressions started over 30 years ago when Judy was looking for a unique way to celebrate her godson Gideon's birth, so cast his tiny feet in plaster for his parents.

When Judy's daughter Nadia was three, Judy made a cast of them holding hands. This piece hangs in the First Impressions office where today, Nadia works alongside her.


Today, First Impressions is famous for capturing memories in precious metals and glass, using emerging technology to create wearable sculpture. From babies' feet to whole families' hands, lips as love tokens to beloved pets paws, our pieces have been commissioned by clients including royalty, celebrities and politicians.


We're a small and dedicated team who are experts in our fields from mould making, to casting in bronze, precious metals, resins and glass. With different specialities we work together to create a personal piece for you.



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