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•   Why should I come to First Impressions?

First Impressions has been making casts of families for over 30 years. We’ve got a brilliant team of people who are passionate about making the best pieces possible and love our work.


•   Who are your clients?

Our clients range from royalty to musicians, actors, writers, sports stars, generations of families and their pets. And a prime minister.


•   What do you make?

We make sculptures - both casts to display at home, and to wear as fine jewellery. We work with a wide range of materials, from bronze and silver to plaster, glass and cement.

• What are the next steps?

We have several ways of working with you to create your special piece, it’s just about choosing a time and place that suits you:

You can come to our studio - see lots of examples of work and wander through the sculpture garden. 

We can come to you - have the casts done in the comfort of your own home. 

We can send you a kit - we’ve been sending personalised kits all over the world for 30 years. Each kit comes with super-clear instructions, and enough materials to allow for you to practice. It’ll feel as though we’re holding your hand throughout the process.

•   Tell me about the process…
Our moulds are made with an absolutely safe, medically approved material. Once mixed, the mould sets within minutes, making the whole process fast, safe and fun.

•    What’s the best age to get my baby cast?
Any age is fine - we’ve cast babies that are hours old, along with fully grown kids. 


•    How long will my pieces take to be finished?
It varies depending on the material. Resins and plaster take just two weeks.

For all other materials allow between 6-12 weeks. If there is not enough time for your piece to be completed before a celebration, we can make you a special ‘The best is still to come’ fragment of your piece, in resin, to attach to a card.

We can either send them to you by special delivery, courier, or you can collect from our studio.

•    Can I buy a gift voucher?
Yes, gift vouchers of all amounts are available. Click HERE to order.

•    I would like something cast that isn’t available on your site. Can you help?
Yes, get in touch. We love a creative challenge.

•    I can’t make it to London. Can you come to me?
We have travelled the world casting and are happy to discuss this or we can send an easy to use kit to you wherever you are and can hold your hand throughout the process.

•    What’s the difference between Bronze Resin and Bronze?
Bronze resin is made of ground up bronze metal which becomes a heavy filler that is mixed with resin. We can do this in our studio. Bronze is the classic metal alloy used for sculpture since the 17 century BC, and our foundry uses virtually the same ‘lost-wax’ technique as in the Bronze age. And it’s still wonderful today.

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